R1Self-operated, high-pressure regulator
Used where high pressure gas must be reduced for use as pilot supply pressure in pilot-operated regulators, or as loading pressure in pressure-loaded regulators. This regulator is also suitable for other applications as high-pressure reducing regulators for various gases.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: Up to 6000 psig
Outlet Range: 10 psig through 500 psig
End Connections: 1/4″ NPT
R2Directly operated pressure reducing regulator
Suitable for controlling air, gas, liquids, steam and other similar process which require constant outlet pressures. Shutoff classification is Class IV, with metal seats. Body materials available are cast iron, steel and stainless steel.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 300 psi (standard config.)
Outlet Range: 15 through 150 psig
End Connections: 3/4″ and 1″ NPT
Orifices: 9/16”
R3Pressure reducing supply regulator
Typically used for pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controllers, as well as other instrumentation equipment. This model provides constant, clean air or gas supply to devices requiring reduced pressures for control.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 250 psig
Outlet Range: 0 through 125 psig
End Connections: 1/4″ NPT
Options: Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel
R4High pressure reducing regulator or relief valve
Two versions furnished in either spring-loaded or pressure-loaded construction with 1 or 2 inch NPT screwed end connections and ASME Class 150 through 600 RF Flanged end connections.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 1500 psig
Outlet Range: 3 psig through 500 psig
End Connections: 1 or 2 inch NPT screwed end connections and ASME Class 150 through 600 RF Flanged end connections
R5High and low pressure regulator or
direct operated pressure reducing regulator
Two versions suitable for use in many applications, including air, natural gas and other fuel gas sources.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 2000 psig
Outlet Range: 5 psig through 500 psig
Orifice Sizes: 3/32″ through 1/2″
End Connection: NPT
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