E.P.& S. - GE Masoneilan - Camflex® GR 35002 Series
35002 Series Camflex® GR Masoneilan Rotary Control Valve

When a major oil company recently completed a global study of control valves one valve stood out – Masoneilan’s Camflex. Why? It was the best performing and easiest to maintain Control Valve on the market. So adamant were they in their study that they made the Camflex the de facto standard for replacement of any valve in any of their plants globally. Drop in face-to-face This is why BHGE Masoneilan is introducing the Camflex® GR valve in the common Globe Reciprocating valve configuration. With this new configuration, most reciprocating valves can be replaced with a drop in, faceto-face Camflex GR valve that requires no piping changes or spool pieces. Customers can now enjoy the many advantages of the Camflex GR and its eccentric plug design to meet all their needs. And this new configuration will be available in Masoneilan’s ever-popular ValvFAST program so the valve you need can be provided in as short as 24 hours.

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