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E.P.&S. are pleased to introduce their new partnership with Bently Nevada in Central and Western Africa

Industry leader for over 60 years, Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes™ business, offers a plant-wide suite of hardware, software and services that help you achieve the highest level of asset reliability possible, leading expertise with truly global support.

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E.P.&S. are ready to assist you with configuring the smartest and more economical solution and implementing a full condition monitoring system for your assets

From Portables to On-line data acquisition, all along with Scanning and wireless solutions, we have THE solution that can match your applications and requirements.
• Our software, System 1 and our deep selection of associated hardware work seamlessly to provide your teams the real-time data, condition monitoring, and alarm protocols they need to prevent unexpected downtime, accurately monitor vibration, and correctly diagnose your equipment’s issues.
• Our support service offerings add further value to your Bently Nevada solution with features such as remote monitoring, hardened cyber-secure installation and support, and much more – all while meeting your production and maintenance goals.
• Bently Nevada  also offers the expertise of their seasoned field engineers in over 50 training facilities worldwide.

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